Toyota to take the Geneva Motor Show to i-TRAIL concept, a new tram

The Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner and as the brands know they are already warming up the atmosphere before it opens its doors. The signature that has surprised us with this teaser is the Japanese Toyota and as has explained we are before a new concept that prefigures how the future mobility will be. If we look back (it does not take much time) we will remember when the firm introduced the i-Road concept.

This small electric urban has come to test in some French cities to assess its viability as an alternative means of transport. However, at Toyota, they do not want to sit idly by and continue to investigate so they can launch the first 100 percent urban and electric vehicle that meets the wishes of the most demanding urban drivers.

The Toyota i-TRIL concept is an exercise in style that prefigures what urban vehicles will look like in the (now distant) year 2030. As we said earlier the i-Road set a precedent in the signature and the i-TRIL will be an Evolution of this. Its cabin will have the capacity for three occupants and has been developed entirely by the French subsidiary of the Japanese brand. As a curiosity, it is necessary to mention that the new model employs the same system “Active Lean” that already premiered the i-Road.

With this technology the i-TRIL will be able, as was the i-Road, to control the stability of the vehicle automatically. With it, the inclination of the body will be controlled by a gyroscopic sensor, making the driver never lose control of the vehicle, regardless of the place on which is circulating. For now, we do not have more details of the model, nor its definitive design nor what will be its electric motor.

We will have to wait until the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors on 7 March. We imagine that the firm will make public before the event some photos of its interior or some characteristics about its mechanical approach.

Source – Toyota


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