Volkswagen Spain already has available in its catalog the e-Up!

Not long ago Volkswagen introduced us to the revamped Up! The little micro urban of the German firm has not achieved its goal of beating the unstoppable Fiat 500, but as long as its road is stable they will continue to bet on it. In addition to everything , the electric version with which I had previously, has also gone through the operating room and so has announced the firm is now available in our country.

The smaller model of the Volkswagen Group (along with the Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo) is already in the dealerships but the battery-powered version still has to be reached. Therefore, as reported by the firm, the e-Up! Will reach the concessionaires of our country in a matter of days and it will do it maintaining its unique level of equipment and its mechanics completely electric.

The mechanical part of the e-Up! Has not varied a bit with respect to the model that was already being sold. That is, it maintains the same block of 82 hp that delivers a maximum torque of 210 Nm. Of course it is powered by a lithium ion battery with an energy capacity of 18.7 kWh . Its top speed is at 130 kilometers per hour (electronically limited) and covers zero at one hundred kilometers per hour in about 13 seconds. With all this the autonomy between recharges of the e-Up! Is of a discrete 160 kilometers .

The e-Up! Receives the same aesthetic changes that have affected his brothers of range . Among them is the new front and its bumpers, daytime running lights by led’s and the new designs of its alloy wheels. In the rear it has renewed headlights as well as the details in electric blue color that betrays this version.

As we mentioned earlier the e-Up! Arrives with a unique level of equipment . However, in addition to having the traditional safety equipment, it has systems such as automatic climate control, cruise control, parking sensors, autonomous braking system in the city or a new infotainment system with color display.

Therefore , the customer who wishes to acquire the renewed Volkswagen e-Up!  In our country from 28,050 euros . Obviously to this amount will have to subtract the promotions and aid of the State or the Autonomous Communities. But it could be altered, if you add the extras with which you can complete your equipment. As always, to the taste of the consumer.


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