Techrules presents its first series car at the Geneva Motor Show, Ren

Every year, one or two brands that focus their business on the design and manufacture of super sports cars usually reach the automotive scene. The vast majority (unfortunately) do not usually complete their demanding plans, since launching into this difficult world is very expensive and complicated. However, there are always brands that first dedicate themselves to a particular aspect of the automobile sector and later, once they have the necessary know-how they are launched to manufacture their own super sports car.

Techrules is one of these companies, since before they started to design and manufacture the Ren, their first car, were dedicated to the engineering applied to the automotive sector. This company of origin and Chinese capital has been working in this world for several years and now that they have the necessary experience and capital, they have decided to make public at the Geneva Motor Show the model they have been working for years.

The Techrules Ren is a super sports car with a futuristic design, aerodynamic and at the same time elegant. Its forms are not baroque and it has proportions that speak of the conscientiousness that has been its development. The design has been created by designers Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro and the source from which they have drunk to inspire has been the aerospace industry.

This car is powered by a somewhat special hybrid mechanic. Its creators have patented TREV technology. Its acronym in Spanish are Electric Vehicle with Turbine Recharge and already speak of how special is the mechanical assembly that drives it. So good is its mechanics that the most powerful version of the range will have 1287 hp from a battery with capacity for 25 kWh and six electric motors, two on the front axle and four on the rear.

According to its creators, the best thing about the TREV technology is that the power of the different models that can be launched to the market will be modular. The technical scheme will allow to combine these six electric motors with each other and therefore, we would have three different configurations. The first with two engines, the second with four and the third with six. However, we do not know if there will be more combinations or if, on the contrary, to avoid unnecessary costs there will only be these.

Its fuel tank will have a capacity of 80 liters (diesel) and according to the homologation cycle, NEDC will have a total autonomy of 1,170 kilometers. However, its creators still believe that its technology can provide autonomies close to 2,000 kilometers with the same fuel tank. For this, they continue working on the optimization of their electric motors and in the different configurations, they may have.

In addition, the engineers of Techrules have not only worked to design a good propulsion group as the managers of the firm have clarified that the Ren will have an important arsenal in terms of aids and drivers. For now, they have not revealed what it could mount, but it would not be unreasonable that in the future this model could mount some automated driving system.

The interior of this model is modular, as is the platform that gives it life. Its owner can decide if he wants a pure and hard car, or wants to take one or two occupants. Everything will depend on your needs to transport passengers and their requirements. In addition, the rear of the model has a receptacle with a capacity of 60 liters to accommodate the luggage of passengers.

For now, we know Techrules has been testing at the Italian Monza circuit to test this supercar. From these tests, Luisa Gianetti, manager at LM Gianetti, development and manufacturing partner at Techrules, said: “Our work at Monza this week was not specifically geared towards high-performance testing, but we were impressed with the dynamics and responsiveness of the car. It was also very exciting to evaluate the turbine and its performance in the production car prototype for the first time. We are very satisfied with the result and look forward to further testing throughout the year. ”

According to the company, Ren’s serial production could begin as early as next year. It all depends on the welcome you have at the Geneva Motor Show and the number of sales that are closed. For now, production will be limited to only 96 units and will be manufactured at a rate of 10 per year, so it would be in production for almost a decade.

We will have to wait what happens finally with this model and if it is only a technological showcase to raise funds and continue working on more models.

Source – Techrules


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